Wild West Worcester - Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce

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Wild West Worcester - Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce

Hold on to your hats people! Bolt your doors, pull your blinds, lock up your daughters: Wild West Worcester’s award-winning Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce is in town and things are gonna get HEATED! The WWW Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce goes with darned well anything – but BEWARE the bhut jolokia peppers pack some serious heat. You only need a couple of drops for instant flavour and heat…

The bottle comes with a dropper insert and it ain’t for looks. Our sizzling black beauty will transform your meal into a taste sensation: but one drop too many and WATCH OUT! Go on – we dare you.

Our Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce is handmade in Dargaville and aged to perfection just like a fine brewed wine. Each batch taking well over a year to create and has been through three labour intensive stages to get to our final award-winning product.