VacPack VS100 Vacuum Sealer
VacPack VS100 Vacuum Sealer
VacPack VS100 Vacuum Sealer

VacPack VS100 Vacuum Sealer

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A MUST HAVE for any BBQ enthusiast.  Leftovers must be treated with respect and when sealed and frozen they can be enjoyed at a later date in almost perfect, as fresh, condition.

VacPack's VS100 Domestic Vacuum Packer is a great economical option for small to moderate use at home.

Fishing, Meal prep, Fresh Produce, Leftovers

Easy to use:

1. Simply place food in one of our microchannel vacuum bags or bulk roll
2. Place the end of the bag in the vacuum area
3. Lock the lid in at either side and press start.

VS100 Features

  • Heavy-duty plastic body
  • Maximum bag width 310mm
  • Sealing width 2mm
  • 1 year warranty

The process of vacuum packaging removes the air out of the pack and seals it so no air can get back in and ruin the food. This results in a much longer shelf life and if freezing, you dramatically reduce the impact the freezer has on products while preserving the taste.

Removing oxygen also dramatically reduces the growth of mold, bacteria, and yeast, all of which need oxygen to grow and reproduce.

Use Either VacPack's Micro Channel Pre Made Bags Or Micro Channel Rolls

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