Three Little Pigs Memphis Style BBQ Rub

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Three Little Pigs Memphis Style BBQ Rub

Three Little Pig’s BBQ Memphis Style BBQ Seasoning was developed for beef and is especially good on brisket, thick steaks, prime rib, ribs, or tri-tip. This Memphis Style Seasoning works well on a very hot grill or smoker since it has little sugar. Memphis Style gets its distinctive flavour from a healthy dose of fresh ground black, white, and red pepper topped off with a hit of Worcestershire powder, coarse kosher salt, and other spices. Memphis Style is a natural on hamburgers and pork chops and makes a great table condiment when you desire to create an extra peppery flavor.0

  • Memphis Style Rub
  • 9-Time BBQ World Champion
  • LARGE 12.5 Oz

The table below displays what seasonings/rubs the prolific award-winning chef, Chris Marks, suggests for different foods.

Rub Beef Pork Poultry Seafood Wild Game Vegetables
Kansas City All Purpose X X X X X X
Kansas City Championship X X X X X
Kansas City Sweet X X X X X
Kansas City Touch of Cherry X X X X
Memphis Style X X X X


There is no denying that this is one of the most successful barbecue sauces on the competition circuit. With 8 American Royal Championships, these sauces have been bringing home the trophies for Chris Marks and the Three Little Pigs competition team for two decades. Despite all the renown, these are a classic tomato-based sauce starting with ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, sugar, seasonings, and smoke. It is the balance of flavours that is the genius of this sauce. Thick enough to stay put, thin enough to pour, even when cold.

All in all the flavour of these sauces are conservative. But the balance of sweet (sugars), sour (vinegar and Worcestershire sauce), heat, spicy (cayenne mash) and smoke make them simply perfect.