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Suckle Busters Texas Pecan BBQ Rub

Suckle Busters Texas Pecan BBQ Rub

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Suckle Busters Texas Pecan BBQ Rub

Super sweet and slightly spicy. 

This is an all-purpose BBQ rub, it is super sweet and spicy with a hint of Texas Pecan. It has a wonderful aroma and tastes even better! We use pecan smoke and oil which is perfect for grilling and BBQ cooking. The pecan oil has a high smoking point.

Use on all types of meat and vegetables. Apply a thick layer just before putting your meat in the grill. Naturally gluten-free.

411gm Shaker

Ingredients: Sugar, sea salt, brown sugar, paprika, chilli powder, garlic, onion, black pepper, natural smoke flavour, pecan oil, spices and silica.