PureQ Meat Marinade Injector

by PureQ
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PureQ Meat Marinade Injector

Add the perfect amount of juiciness and flavour with PureQ’s durable, lightweight, Meat Marinade Injector. Precisely control the amount of seasoning for your flavour. Grill, inject, and grill some more!


  • Multi-purpose: suitable for BBQ, grilling or roasting, indoors or outdoors
  • Lightweight: easy to carry
  • Durable: stainless steel needle integrated with pinholes to avoid blockages, rust and breakage
  • Accurate measurement: clear scales in two measurements (ml and oz) for easier control
  • Small: easy operation with one hand
  • Easy to clean: can be dismantled and installed easily. Equipped with cleaning brush to keep the syringe needle clean and long-lasting

The technical:

  • Material: plastic + stainless steel needle
  • Length of injector: 17.5cm