Oklahoma Joe 2024 Highland Offset Smoker

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Real smoke flavour and a classic smoking experience are what you get from the Oklahoma Joe’s® Highland Offset Smoker. Load it up with brisket, pork shoulders and whole chickens for that slow-smoked barbecue flavour you’ve come to expect. If you’re looking for a heavy-duty rig that keeps up with the demand, you want the Highland Offset Smoker. Redesigned to improve your smoking experience, our best-in-class Highland Offset Smoker now has pivoting cool-touch handles, an easy-access ash pan, tool hooks and rubber-treaded wheels.


  • OFFSET SMOKER: With a horizontal cooking chamber and a firebox on the side, this smoker is fueled by charcoal and flavoured by hardwood splits & chunks, sold separately, to cook with indirect heat for low and slow barbecue flavour.
  • COOKING AREA: Smoke up to 3 briskets, 7 whole chickens or 4 pork shoulders on the 619-square-inch grate and grill up to 15 wings or 6 burgers on the 281-square-inch firebox grate.
  • ASH PAN: A removable ash pan on the side of the firebox collects ash from the fire and provides easy access to clear out the ashes, making clean-up simple.
  • WHEELS: Two large rubber-treaded, steel wagon wheels give you better traction and easier mobility to roll the smoker over any terrain.
  • TOOL HOOKS: Three tool hooks are included to hang your tongs, spatula and other tools, freeing up space on your shelf.
  • SMOKESTACK & DAMPERS: Adjustable dampers on the firebox and smokestack regulate heat and smoke giving you maximum control for consistent results.
  • HANDLES: Pivoting cool touch lid & firebox handles move with you when opening & closing the lid.
  • BOTTOM SHELF: The flat bottom shelf lets you store your accessories and additional fuel to keep the fire burning.
  • FRONT SHELF: The front shelf gives you a convenient place to set your tools, sauces and basting bowl while you cook.
  • COOKING GRATES: Porcelain-coated wire grates offer fast warm-up and heat recovery time. They’re lightweight, making them easy to lift when removing, easy to clean and economical to replace when it’s time.
  • PLATE WARMER: Use the warm, flat surface on top of the firebox to keep cooked food warm and preheat logs.
  • FIREBOX DOOR: The firebox door gives you easy access to load fuel and stoke the fire.