ProQ Flip 'N Grates

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ProQ Flip 'N Grates

A great new grilling tool for use with a bbq or as a standalone cooking rack for al fresco barbecue when camping, fishing or at the beach.

The double-sided grill rack slots into its own stand for use over a campfire or can be used in a kettle bbq. In one simple movement, the rack flips to rotate the food for even cooking.

Available in two sizes.

Will work with ProQ smokers

The Flip ‘N Grate is another clever invention from the team at Macs BBQ and it really is one of those devices you’ll wonder how you managed without! Once your food is in place inside the double-sided grill rack, it can be flipped in one easy movement, keeping the food intact. So often trying to move fish or meats around the bbq results in the food falling apart, particularly whole fish. Even better, the grate can hold a large amount of food which can be flipped at the same time, so no laborious turning of each individual item with spatula or tongs. It’s ideal for spatchcock chicken, multiple burgers or sausages. The grill basket is attached to a circular stand that sits either on the floor of your makeshift barbecue area or inside the rim of your kettle barbecue (depending on size). There’s also a range of height settings so you can move the food up and away from a too-lively fire or lower towards glowing embers.

Available in two sizes, the Flip ‘N Grate fits inside a kettle barbecue, but will also create a barbecue set up without the need for any other hardware. All you need is a makeshift fire. Genius.

The large Flip ‘N Grate is designed to be used inside a Weber 57cm kettle or on any BBQ greater than 57cm x 57cm, and the Small Flip ‘N Grate is designed to be used inside a Weber 47cm kettle or on any BBQ greater than 47cm x 47cm.

It can also used on the beach or campsite using a fire on the ground. The Flip ‘N Grate easily folds to fit into a bag (supplied) for portability and storage.