FireBoard Blower Nozzle Adapter

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The Blower Nozzle Adapter allows easy installation of the FireBoard Drive Blower on kettle style grills and smokers. The square nozzle rotates and can redirect airflow in any direction perpendicular to the fan. This is particularly useful in situations where a custom hole is drilled in the side of a grill in order to install a fan to control the fire.

Included gasket insert allows users to seal vent between uses.

Comes with square nozzle, adapter face with built-in gaskets and insert, and screw for installation.


  • Outer Adapter Plate with Gasket Dimensions: 69.85mm x 69.85mm
  • Dimensions of the opening of the Adapter Plate with Gasket: 40.64mm x 30.48mm
  • Nozzle Opening Dimensions: 36.32mm x 19.81mm
  • Silicone Gasket Temperature Range: -100F to 500F