Pork On Sunday


Sunday Arvo Pork Loin & Ribs

New World had a pretty sweet special running on Pork Loin so I grabbed a couple and along with some spare ribs from our deep freeze, went about experimenting!

The spare ribs available to us here in NZ are pretty skinny, so I've been slowly dialing down the temp and cook time to get them as tender as possible without drying out.

Ribs got some Killer Hogs AP rub treatment and GMG Pork Rub and Killer Hogs Hot BBQ Rub found their way onto the pork loin (1 rub per loin).

1 hour on the GMG Jim Bowie @ 65deg for maximum smoke before up to 110 for another hour.  Wrapped ribs with the usual honey, butter, and brown sugar and then back on for another hour. Off came the loin which was seared and rested and then the ribs were unwrapped, basted with a mixture of Stubbs Sweet Heat, Apple Juice & Franks Hot Sauce.  Wicked combo!

A great result and many full tummies!

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