Wild West Sweet Pickled Onion Relish

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Wild West Sweet Pickled Onion Relish

Our sweet Pickled Onion Relish is handmade in Dargaville. Our onions have been resting in vinegar with a blend of secret spices for well over a year to ensure mature and complex flavours. After a minimum of a year, we remove the onions to create a relish with unimaginable flavours that are so full of depth...aged to perfection...OMP...next level flavour infusion!

The vinegar squeezed from this onion is then used as the base of our award-winning sauces. There is always a limited supply and only 25 jars a week can be produced.

Our sweet Pickled Onion Relish will bring your cheese and crackers to life, it'll make your burgers sing, and your sandwhiches! They'll never be the same again. Try it on the side with hot and cold meats - you won't believe the difference this saucy number will make to your ham, lamb, beef and sausages, pizza bases and toasties.

Best of all it's a perfect match our Original Spicy Sweet Blacksauce: the winning combo! Go on - give it a try!