Urban Lumberjack Splits

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Urban Lumberjack Smoking Wood Splits

  • Ethically Sourced
  • Naturally Seasoned
  • Product of NZ

Specialising in native hardwoods, Urban Lumberjack offer a variety of BBQ wood splits and chunks for ‘low and slow’ smoking including Pohutukawa, Oak, Manuka and Puriri, while Gum and Totara are perfect for the brazier or log burner.

Fruit woods like Apple, Cherry, Guava, Peach and Plum are seasonally sourced and lend a delicate smokey note to BBQ, while Black Walnut brings a rich and strong flavour profile.

While the best wood for smoking depends on the BBQ you’re using, the type of meat you’re cooking, and your own personal preference, quality always matters. Just because seasoning is a preservation process doesn’t mean you can use any spongy old plank!

They deliver crisp, punchy, flavoursome logs and cuts, aiming to expand people’s palates and demonstrate the difference quality wood makes.

Sack 15kg±