Texanz BBQ Pit Barrel Heat Deflector Plate

by Texanz
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Texanz BBQ Pit Barrel Heat Deflector Plate

*new design to suit latest design revision on Pit Barrels circa late 2021

The latest innovation from the guys at Texanz BBQ, a Heat deflector plate for the PBCooker Original.

This is designed to optimise airflow and allow the circular flow of the PBC to continue while providing protection from direct heat from the charcoal basket.

This is perfect for any cuts that lay on the grate for a longer cook. The deflector provides the perfect set-up for cooking brisket, pork butts, lamb shoulders, individual chicken cuts and more.

The deflector plate was designed to be tuneable to allow airflow simply by bending the fins to the desired angle. We have also left enough cutouts in the plate to allow fat to drip onto the hot charcoal so you can still get the same great taste the Pit Barrel is famous for.

Note: Will not fit the Junior model