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Sweet Rub O'Mine BBQ Rub

Sweet Rub O'Mine BBQ Rub

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Sweet Rub O'Mine BBQ Rub

We have used a number of spices to attain a true barbecue flavor.  For all your grilling and barbeque purposes on meat; pork, chicken, beef, mutton just add our Sweet Rub O’Mine sauce during cooking. Our Sweet Rub O’ Mine BBQ shaker is great for preparing your own barbeque sauce, cocktail sauce or any other sauce.

Rub in Sweet Rub O’Mine BBQ Shaker seasoning on any meat; red or white and delight your taste buds with the results.  Create a flavorsome meal of meat of any kind and veggies too with our Sweet Rub O’ Mine Shaker!

Do you need to add an extra flavor to potatoes and onions?  Create an irresistible side dish when you sauté onions and potatoes with Sweet Rub O” Mine.