SpiceCraft Kia Ora Vietnam BBQ Rub

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SpiceCraft Kia Ora Vietnam BBQ Rub

  • Bring the aroma and excitement of the streets of Vietnam right into your kitchen.
  • Our families new favourite flavour.
  • Its so GOOD!!! A real hit with the kids!
  • A touch of heat, 2 out of 5 chilies. 
  • With a good touch of lime, it's also a little sweet, aromatic and extremely tasty!
  • So good on chicken, fish, pork, beef. 
  • Use it in the smoker on pork ribs and pork belly.
  • Add to mince for burgers and meatballs!
  • Sprinkle on before cooking, or use to add depth of flavour in your pho or stir-fries.

Gluten free, diary free, soy free, msg free, vegan.

120gm Shaker