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PureQ No 6 "Simplex" Alarm Thermometer

PureQ No 6 "Simplex" Alarm Thermometer

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PureQ No 6 "Simplex" Alarm Thermometer

A no-fuss thermometer. Solid Casing. Steel probes. Built to be tested.

Our 6th arrival to the PureQ range delivers simple, effective results for those who up their game without the fuss of getting technical.

Easily set an alarm to notify you when your desired temperature is met.


  • 0-250*C temperature range
  • Accuracy +/- 1C (0-100C) or +/- 1.5C (101 to 250*C)
  • Timer Range: 99 min 59 Sec
  • High temp alarm function
  • Timer alarm function
  • Battery: 1x 1.5V (AAA)
  • 12 month warranty