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ProQ Stainless Smoker Box

ProQ Stainless Smoker Box

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ProQ Stainless Smoker Box

Our rugged stainless steel wood chip smoker box helps wood chips or pellets to smoke longer to ensure your food gets that rich smoky hit of flavour.

The advantage of a box is that the chips smoulder and produce smoke rather than burn and produce heat. For use with charcoal, gas or electric smokers, barbeques and grills.


  • Our ProQ Stainless Steel Smoker Box is the perfect bit of kit to get more smoking time from your wood chips
  • This Smoker Box prevents wood chips from combusting immediately and will give you a much longer cleaner smoke
  • Simple to use – just fill with your favourite smoking wood chips, close the lid and place onto the fire or burner of your gas BBQ.

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