Low 'N Slow Steel Pizza Stone

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Low 'N Slow Steel Pizza Stone

The revolution in pizza cooking is here!

Steel is 18x more thermally conductive than ceramic pizza stones meaning our steel pizza stone will retain heat longer, heats up more evenly, and cooks faster.

It's also fantastic as a base for baking bread and can be safely used on a BBQ as a hot plate due it's 6mm thick construction.

What's more, it's 400mm x 300mm size makes it the perfect size to sit on top of an oven tray.

Simply season as you would any other cooking surface/implement and you're away laughing!


  • 18 x greater thermal conductivity than a regular ceramic pizza stone
  • 6mm thick steel
  • 400mm x 300mm (fits on an oven tray perfectly)
  • Heats Up Quicker & more evenly
  • Cooks pizzas faster