Low 'N Slow Macadamia Shells

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Low 'N Slow Macadamia Shells

We are proud to launch our line of Macadamia shells to the market to use as a source of smoke and add a mild nutty flavour for your grilling pleasure.

Use them as fuel, or for smoke with charcoal. On their own or in combination with other woods. The possibilities and flavor profiles are endless!

See below what some of our customers have had to say during the testing process.

"I was impressed, I ran some white oak as main fuel source and did a pork shoulder for the first cook and then some tri-tip for the second. I think the pork showcased the macadamia better than the beef (kind of expected that) but overall added a nice flavour and smelt great while cooking"

"Did a brisket the other day and used the macadamia shells and they were amazing!!! Definitely added a unique taste to it"

"Mate, the shells were great with the lamb shoulder. Nice subtle flavour. Will definitely be using them again"