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Chilli-Chef Smokey El Chicano

Chilli-Chef Smokey El Chicano

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Chilli-Chef Smokey El Chicano

Only the best Manuka chips are sourced for our smoking process, our jalapenos and garlic are smoked for 3 days for the rich smokey flavor in our sauce, perfect for replacing your store bought BBQ sauce!

Our Smokey El Chicano is a premium Manuka smoked chipotle sauce with a kick! a delicious wholesome sauce that will take any dish to the next level instantly

HEAT - 5/10


Our Smokey El Chicano is brilliant drizzled over pizza, tossed through chicken pasta, used as a meat marinade for a rich smokey flavour, brilliant with BBQ meats instead of the good old store bought BBQ sauce

INGREDIENTS- chipotle(smoked jalapeno) tomato, onion, smoked garlic, lemon juice, brown sugar, salt, spices, vinegar, water

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